4th Meeting – February 2019 : “IT, Robotics, DigitalArt” T-Technology

Key learning Objectives
• Become aware of the web of technological systems on which society depends
• Become aware of the skills needed to be developed for professions related to STEAM
• Learn how to use new technologies as they become available
• Recognize the role that technology plays in the advancement of science and engineering
• Use technology for artistic expression

The 5-day workshop in Greece will be focused on having students to understand by experience the definition of Technology, which according to the National Recourse Council is:” Technology is any modification of the natural world made to fulfill human needs or desires”. Based on that, value will be given to the identification and experiential application of technology in sectors familiar from everyday life. The final products of this meeting will be a video, a wiki and a digital poster, all demonstrating different sectors where the T of STEAM is being encountered.

• Before the meeting, each school will choose a sector in everyday life that we can find technology and will prepare a presentation demonstrating two applications of technology in the chosen sector.

• The first day, students will attend the presentations and will assess the attained knowledge through games set up by technological means. In addition, they will learn by using technology about the skills hidden behind certain professions related to STEAM.

• The second day students will visit the Thessaloniki’s Science Center and Technology Museum. There they will visit a number of exhibitions that will help them understand the basic role of technology into everyday life. The Exhibitions are presented with topics related to Science and Technology:
1. The “Classic Cars Exhibition” featuring car models that mark the history of automobile. The exhibition consists of 5 main thematic units, based on the 5 top car models of the 20th century.
2. The “Technopark” featuring interactive (hands-on) exhibits. The visitor has the opportunity to discover the scientific knowledge acting and having fun.
3. The “Ancient Greek Technology”, one of its kind, refers to the prehistoric period till the Hellenistic and Byzantine period. The exhibition features more than 70 exact replicas of machines that have marked people’s lives and set the cultural context, as well.
4. The “Image and Sound” exhibition, featuring the technology of photography, radio and television

• The third day will have to do with Robotics, which is considered to be an epitome of STEAM. Students will visit the Robotics Academy of the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki (an academy with many awards and distinctions), where they will get a seminar on Arduino and/or Lego Mindstorms and they will build and program their own Robot combining and applying Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics. A video demonstrating the creation and the functionalities of this robot will be made forming the first deliverable of this meeting and it will be used during the dissemination activities of the project.

• The fourth day students will attend a seminar about Wikis and they will create their own wiki that will provide in an organized way, highlights of the knowledge that students obtained during the previous days’ experiences. The wiki’s name will be “Technology: Did you know that…?” and it will be the second deliverable of this meeting.

• The fifth day, students will attend seminars on basic functions of Photoshop and on how to create a digital interactive poster. Then, split into groups, they will use Photoshop to create a collage, that will depict in an artistic way the sectors of our lives where we meet technology. This collage will be transformed into a digital poster that will interactively guide the viewer to its parts, and which will also be the third deliverable of the meeting.

• The video, the wiki and the poster will be linked to the project’s webpage, the webpage of each participating school and will be spread through social media.