3nd Meeting – October 2018 : “Green Engineering”

During the Italian meeting the pupils will be trained in all aspects of biotechnology. They will complete research, collect data, produce presentations and share information on the ethical, scientific and business aspects of biotechnology. Pupils will visit biotech research laboratories and biotech companies where the applications are produced. During a transnational learning event in Turin they will perform DNA-experiments ( named: “A collection of DNA-experiments for young scientists”) and promote biotech applications. Pupils from each partner school study the basic concepts of biotechnology and its wide range of applications. In small groups they create posters on biotechnological applications.

Key Learning Objectives
– to gain insight in applications in biotechnology ;
– to increase awareness of the impact of GMO’s on human society (ethical aspects in developing biotechnological applications);
– to increase awareness of the differences in policy and regulations of GMO related biotechnological applications and to increase awareness of the importance of a common European regulation regarding biotechnological issues;
– to develop skills in science (e.g. laboratory work, using protocols, reporting results);
– to make the curriculum of biotechnological studies more attractive
– to increase the interest of pupils in scientific research

• The first day, – A biotech laboratory University of Turin (Department of Molecular Biotechnology and Health Sciences) will be visited in the specific field of biotechnology of a DNA laboratory experiment. The experiments will train pupils in some basic skills for DNA analysis and identification. At the end of the day the methodologies of the laboratory experiments will be compiled, named: “COLLECTION OF DNA EXPERIMENTS FOR YOUNG SCIENTISTS”.

The pupils from each partner school study the impact of the use of GMO’s on the different stakeholders (government, researcher, multinational, farmer, consumer) in their specific field of biotechnology defined at the beginning of the project. The pupils can identify with the specific points of view of the different stakeholders in their specific field of biotechnology. Finally a piece of role play is set up and presented at a role play festival. The impact of GMO’s on human society can be compared and discussed.

The pupils from each partner school visit a biotech company OLON S.p.A. a worldwide leader in the development and production of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients). The pupils make a photo-story presentation of the scientific methods used in the company/research lab.

• The fourth day: a lab experiment on DNA analysis and lab experiment synthesis of bioplastics starting from bananas. BIOTECHNOLOGY IN THE FOOD INDUSTRY: Workshop at the University of Turin (Faculty of Agriculture).

• The Fifth day: ENVIROMENTAL BIOTECHNOLOGY: a visit to a biotech company near Turin (Crescentino) – Biochemtex- a global leader in the development and engineering of technologies and bio-chemical processes based on the exclusive use of non-food biomass, as an alternative to oil.