IMS Private School

IMS Private School is a secondary school offering a programme with no educational precedent, the Upper High School Programme, under the official recognition of the Ministry of Education and Culture, which has recently endorsed it as a secondary school under its authority.

Upper High School Programme is a morning school curriculum, initiated in 2014, for students aiming at top universities. IMS educators have been working towards a new type of school for many years. Tapping into their experience, they shaped a school geared for university preparation; redesigned, innovated and taken a totally fresh approach that veers far away from the dated methods still widely in use by other educational institutions; restructured the GCSE and A level subject syllabi to a new kind of learning intended to inspire and motivate. IMS’s novel morning school programme, Upper High School Programme, offers complete freedom in subject choice and is based on aptitude, so that a student’s abilities are not thwarted by age restrictions. IMS has already seen several students enrol at the age of 13 to begin studies at top ranking universities at the age of 16. Within this three-year period students of IMS find themselves possessing a strong educational background of many GCSE awards and at least four A Level awards.

Unique features of this programme are:
• Duration of three years, devoting one year to GCSE and two to A Level.
• In addition to the school leaving certificate, a student who completes this three year programme receives the IMS Diploma, a superior qualification recording the performance of the student in 5 components (4 A Level subjects, with overall school performance being the fifth). The IMS Diploma is a very strong qualification for admission to leading universities of the world.
• Free choice of subjects allowing students to select any subject combination.
Class size ranging from 12 down to 1 student with an average of 6, enabling the teacher to closely follow each individual student’s progress.
• Focusing on the talents of students individually, so as to fully exploit their abilities and secure the best university education they can get.
• Providing valuable guidance to students on their subject choices and career options.
• Close collaboration with the IMS Research and Development Centre to involve IMS students in educational exchanges and research, thus providing valuable experience for their future professional development.
• Expert teachers specialising in teaching GCSE and A Level maximise productivity during the lesson.
• A fresh teaching style focusing on critical thinking instead of memorising.
• Excellent communication between teachers, students and parents.
• A convenient daily schedule starting at 9:00 with 60 minute periods.
• Use of the latest educational technology in premises of modern and top rated facilities.
Since its establishment as a morning school in 2014, IMS Private School, has been oriented towards excellence in education and has established a wealth of educational processes.