Our school, which is called 1st EPAL of Kalamaria, is situated in the east region of Thessaloniki (the second biggest city of Greece), called Kalamaria. It is a Vocational Senior High School that specializes in technical subjects and it is housed in a bioclimatic high quality building, which is prototype for school buildings across the country. The subjects taught are distinguished into general knowledge lessons like mathematics, physics, chemistry, literature, English, history, informatics, etc. and into vocational education subjects depending on the specialty each student chooses. The number of students is about 760 and the number of teachers is about 100 and the number of labs are 26. Our pupils attend many lessons in different laboratories.

The Specialties we have are the following: Computer Science (Informatics); Economy and Administration; Tourism; Agriculture; Food Technology; Childhood care; Nursery assistant; Medical and biological laboratories assistant; Physiotherapy assistant; Electrical Engineering and Automatics; Air Conditioning; Plumbing and Heating; Electronic Engineering; Automotive Engineering; Mechanical Engineering.

The study includes practical lessons and practical training at school. Our students also take part in EU projects. When they graduate, they acquire two diplomas: the first is a certificate of their special Vocational knowledge and the Specialty they have attended. The second one has the same value as that of the Senior High School and they have the same opportunities to enter the University after National Examinations to study in higher education colleges and become professionals.
In the past few years we have gained a great experience in Erasmus projects.