2nd Meeting – March 2018 : “Maths and Us”

Key learning objectives:
– show correlation between maths and other sciences as well as art
– raise awareness of modern technology and innovation
– point at the use of maths skills in everyday practice
– increase students’ interest in learning maths
– stress the need of unconventional thinking and experimentation

1st day: During the meeting the participants will be trained in IMS methodology and approach to Maths in classroom. IMS teachers will introduce them the curricula the school applies for A level math s exams. Pupils will participate in Physics and Chemistry workshops where the interrelation between sciences will be shown. At the end of the day, private consultations will be conducted with teachers of the school.

2nd day: Students of the school will present their experience from participating in international competitions and Olympiads. A maths competition, Maths in our Life, will be conducted among all pupils. Second half of the day will be devoted to presentations by students on activities taken place during Cyprus NASA SpaceApps hackathon (April 2016) where HOPS team won the first place. TA conceptual device that applies the same principles as the standard steam-turbine generator for meeting basic energy needs on Mars, using dry ice generators will be presented and explained. A member of the HOPS team will refer to his experience from participating in an internship at Comex in Marseille, working on simulations of the effects of gravity. Students will participate in some games and exercises related to that.

3rd day: Visit to Kition Planetarium in Larnaca, where a presentation will take place how Maths relates to Astronomy. Pupils will have the opportunity to see how the Planetarium works and its circle of activity so far. After the visit the students working in international teams will produce their artistic inspirations from the visit.

4th day: Work in Laboratory on the topic: Maths used in science applications. Each school will present an experiment where Maths , Physics, Chemistry and Biology interrelate.

5th day: Visit to a Science-Maths interactive showroom in Limassol. Afternoon walking tour and a city game in Limassol centre to see significant traditional places of the town. Taking pictures showing geometrical symmetry.